"If you don't know who you are,

the world is happy to tell you who you can be." - Kim Hoff 

TENACITY: A goal-focused, determined persistence


The focus of my life's work has resulted in the perfect collision of my education, experience, passion and faith; HENCE.... TENACITY!




The tools I share with you through TENACITY will allow you to find your life purpose and see your talents make a difference in the world around you. Over 25 years of experience working with corporations, non-profits, and small start-ups allows me to strategically customize a program to fit your needs, elevate your strengths & catapult you into success!















Let's not only take your vision to the next level, let's set you on the direct path for achievement. Contact me and we will discuss your course of action to this point, set realistic goals and put the plan into place that will get your team to the finish line.

I look forward to brainstorming with you!

Kim Hoff...

Consultant, Hope Coach & Creator of

Tenacity and Bootcamp2Beautiful

Let's go!

Personal & corporate development through focused goals, strength development, determination and rogue tactics.


Unconventional motivation & mental strength training for individuals and groups wanting to "Live a Powerful Life!"

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Kim Hoff is a Fresno State graduate holding a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a Marketing emphasis, from the Sid Craig School of Business. She was awarded the Roy L. and Elizabeth A. Rice Entrepreneur Award upon graduation for her tenacity. Kim has enjoyed the opportunity to work with a full-spectrum of businesses from local start-ups to international

manufacturing corporations. After 24+ years of experience, she is still intrigued daily with the diversity of challenges that allow her grow personally and she thrives on the opportunity to help others reach their goals.


Kim is most proud of two areas of her work, one as a volunteer with Central Valley Honor Flight having served as a reporter on 12 flights, and the other as the creator and director of Bootcamp2Beautiful - An Inner Strength & Confidence Camp for Women & Teens.


The inspiration and courage to step out and try new things and the drive to stand as an advocate for personal growth comes from her faith in Christ and her three beautiful daughters.


• marketing & advertising

• television & radio production

• website and social media development

• photography & video production

• strategic planning

• brand and image development

• event coordination

• media coordination & public speaking

• team building

• multi-media presentations & sound production

Defy the limits of your own imagination,

for this is the end of self & the beginning of faith!