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Kim Kennedy Hoff


Capturing the essence of each client's vision for the project and then helping them release the boundaries of their imagination.... Kim uses her 24+ years of marketing experience to bring big dreams to fruition. "I thrive on seeing their eyes light up. I love the moment they see their idea come to reality!" 

Kim's ability to listen and bring the big picture into focus allows her to then strategically integrate the key components into place and begin to move the project forward. Teamwork, communication, & unifed collaboration of the very best talents available are a powerful combination for developing and keeping that competitive edge. "Every person on the team brings valuable knowledge to the table. Gathering wisdom from every angle positions the plan for success!"

PowerLift Discovery Series


KIm's new podcast series takes participants on a magical journey of purpose, intention, and presence to arrive at a place full of energy, peace, and hope. Click through to get started on being fully satisfied in the life you create for yourself!

Ask & she'll tell you if she doesn't!


Over 24+ years of experience in the marketing and advertising, event coordination and strategic planning fields have brought a broad spectrum of capabilities to Kim's offering. Check out the Services page for a full list of what she does!