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"I suffered from panic attacks, feeling overwhelmed, alone, depressed and unable to focus. This wan't me! But, I had more questions than answers. I knew how I wanted to feel, but I didn't know how to change my life... Please allow me to share with you what I've learned...
This changed everything for me!"
- Kim Hoff

A Message from Kim...

Embrace the Beautiful You

Kim Hoff, Hope Coach
Creator of Tenacity Team &
"We are bombarded with advertising and social messages about WHO we SHOULD BE and HOW we NEED TO BE BETTER at EVERYTHING! This feeling of not being good enough is pervasive in the products being marketed to us and the message is affecting youth, as well as, adults.
I'm passionate about revising that entire philosophy and doing it ONE WOMAN AT A TIME. Because, what I am about to share with you, you will share with the other women and teen girls in your life! It's that important. It's that easy. We are built to LIVE A POWERFUL LIFE!  
Make the time to understand what makes you tick and you will have a whole lot more energy to give those around you - I promise! How do I know? I was you...and if I can do it, so can you!"
Don't waste one more minute of your life trying to be someone that you're not. Click the button below to begin the journey... 
"Defy the Limits of your own Imagination!"
Everything about YOU is unique and that's what makes you BEAUTIFUL. What a bland world it would be if we all became the "shoulds" that we think the rest of society wants to see!
Bootcamp2Beautiful will walk you through the steps of understanding WHO you are and what you bring to this world in a way that will change:
  • the way you think
  • the way you look at yourself
  • the way you walk into a room
  • the decisions you make
Choose a format that works for you:
  • attend a workshop
  • participate in a webinar
  • go to a live event
  • apply for private mentoring

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